“Helen generates high-quality ideas and then translates them into just the right words. She has an incredibly versatile voice and she produces the goods faster than humans are meant to…”

Tassos Stevens, Director of Coney

Multi-Platform Campaigns

Tate Britain - Henry MooreClient: Tate Britain

Brief: Gain exposure for the Henry Moore exhibition amongst a younger audience. Encourage visits to Moore's public sculptures around London.

Big Idea: The Collector – a reclusive individual with a passion for Henry Moore wants people to visit the public sculptures. To encourage this, he is offering to pay for a discount on your ticket to the exhibition. Download an MP3 – visit the sculpture and you will be asked to do something – once you have completed the task you will find a token of gratitude (and a discount). In taking part, players found themselves drawn into the increasingly odd world of the collector – a man who believes that Henry Moore's sculptures are actually speaking to him… A final event at Perry Green, harnessing the online creativity of hundreds of players is the only way to save the collector's sanity – and perhaps to save art itself.

Results: Featured on London Le Cool and Time Out. The Moore blog was overwhelmed with people sending in their own personal sculptures. The MP3s proved so popular, and Tate Britain were so pleased with their quality, that they will remain permanently on the Tate website for visitors to download.

Henry Moore Tate Britain Henry Moore Tate Britain Henry Moore Outside Henry Moore Outside