“Helen had an impressive ability to turn out high quality releases at speed on a massive range of subjects. Even though she was never officially one of my direct staff, she worked so well with everyone that she soon felt one of the team.”

david rigg, managing director, project associates ltd

Press: relationship management from newsletters to advertorials

Jemma Kidd YouNewsletters, Columns, Articles and Advertorials

Every time you communicate with a customer or potential customer, you are building a relationship that translates into sales. Tone and content needs to be managed with care: poor grammar reflects poorly on your brand; boring content causes the reader to switch off; too frequent contact may annoy; too little means lost sales opportunities…

Whether you want to create a monthly newsletter and quiz or write articles for a magazine, Helen Walton can help. Clients include celebrities needing help to produce articles and columns for a range of publications and brands looking for sales-driven blogs and advertorials.

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Press Releases

The ultimate endorsement for a brand is a glowing review in the press, but if there's one group of people savvier and harder to impress than any other – it's journalists.

Gaining maximum exposure in a saturated market means that your press releases need to be of the highest quality. Journalists – especially on consumer magazines – receive hundreds every day. To stand out, yours needs to be crafted, snappy and filled with interesting details that whet a journalist's appetite.

It's not just consumer press which matters. How your company is portrayed in business and trade press could make and break investment decisions, as well as having a massive influence on your recruitment and internal morale.

Use Helen Walton's expertise to get the tone absolutely right for press releases that hit their target and get you the coverage you want.

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