“Thank you to the Coney collective for their amazing creative work.”

tara gladden, hodder & stoughton

Multi-Platform Campaigns

Hodder StoughtonClient: Hodder & Stoughton

Winner of Publicity Campaign of the Year, 2008 NIBBIE Awards

Brief: Launch Jasper Fforde's new book First Among Sequels to both the loyal fan base and widen his appeal amongst a younger (16-25) audience.

As lead writer and creative, Helen was part of the Coney team who created and implemented a multi-platform ARG. By using Hodder Stoughton and Jasper Fforde's existing websites we leveraged the existing fanbase, while exposure on ARG boards (including making 'launch of the month'), brought in a new audience.

Premise: Jasper Fforde discarded an early draft of his new book. This book is determined that will be the one published and its author – Jasper Ffforde will stop at nothing to see it done. Miss Havisham is on the loose, books in Foyles are rearranging themselves and characters are being deleted. Only you can save the day – culminating in an amazing live event in Swindon, Fforde fans across the globe were involved in hunting down clues and solving puzzles in order to save fiction.

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First Among Sequels First Among Sequels
First Among Sequels

First Among Sequels
First Among Sequels